Our Services

Routine Services

Our services are vital in maintaining your fuel efficiency and increasing the overall lifespan of your vehicle. Book a service appointment today.

Full Service      From £80

Car Service

The following will be checked (and changed where required)

- Engine oil

- Oil Filter

- Lights

- Tyres

- Bodywork

- Exhausts

- Brakes

- Steering

- Fluid and coolant levels - Suspension -


*Recommended every 12 months or 12,000 miles, price varies dependant of vehicle specification

Winter Service Check                 From £20

Winter Service Check

7 point check completed.

- Car’s lights

- Wiper blades

- Oil levels

- Battery

- Windscreen wash

- Water and anti freeze levels

- Tyre tread depth

The most obvious benefit to having your vehicle checked in time for winter is to identify any problems early. When the temperature drops, or worse still, during a big freeze, those conditions can really hinder car functions.

Oil Change and Filters                  From £60

Oil & Filter Change

Recommended to be changed every 12 months/10,000 miles.

*Once your oil loses its transparency and turns black it’s a good sign that it’s time to change your oil as it may contain particulates that can cause gunk to form in the engine. You’re going to have to get a bit dirty for this one but while checking the colour you should also check the consistency of the oil.


Tracking and Wheel Alignment                                     From £80

Tracking and Wheel Alignment

We'll ensure your vehicle's wheels are set to the optimum position, as per the car manufacturer's specifications.

As part of the front wheel alignment service we will adjust if required, the front toe adjustment back to the manufacturer's original settings with our laser aligning equipment.

Air-Con Regas                                           From £20

Air-Con Regas

Air conditioning recharge, also known as air conditioning re-gas, involves a process of removing old refrigerant gas from your car’s air conditioning system, and then replacing it with new refrigerant. The purpose of this service is to improve the efficiency of the air conditioning system, and allowing the air conditioning to continue to run cold.

Diagnostic Check                                      From £15

Diagnostic Check

A diagnostics test can identify whether a warning light stems from issues in areas including the engine, ignition coils, throttle, and much more.

upon understanding the vehicle fault our technician will provide you with a solution and price to rectify the error.


Tire Replacement & Balancing     From £15

Tire Replacement & Balancing

We have a selection of brand name and used tires that meet every need. Cost is for service, tire brands per market.

Prices dependant on size, manufacturer and number of tyres required - please remember when booking to supply the size you require.

we also offer a repair service if a puncture is less then 6mm in diameter and away from the sidewall of the tyre.

Brakes and Discs                                     From £50

Change Brakes

Brakes pads, callipers and disks are checked and replaced where required.

Depending on how the brakes are used and how the car's driven, the brake pads need replacing regularly because they wear out over time. This can be anywhere from 25,000 to 60,000 miles or more, but there’s no set rule. The vehicle’s weight, carrying heavy loads and towing will all affect the brakes' life-span.

*prices vary dependant on vehicle specification and work required